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Kanadská cuisine: the best places to taste it in Brno

There are 2 restaurants
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87/100 (4 ratings)
"Coming from Canada and living in Brno now, I was very skeptical about a poutine place opening in town. I really had high expectation for this..."
Mathias Krejčí Vergara
"Best fries ever. I really do not think you can get better fries anywhere in Brno. And for the poutine, it is really amazing. First time I had it,..."
Tomáš Horváth
"Good potatoes, fresh cheese and that sweet gravy. A perfect combo. The potatoes are golden & crispy, while you get them dipped in that hot gravy and..."
Marius Indrieş
"Bylo to vyborne :) chut Kanady v Brne, radi doporucujeme :) Totally delicious :) taste od Canada in Brno, gladly recommend..."
Veronika M. Štěrbová
"I was truly excited when I realized that a place where poutine is being served opened in Brno. I was excited for the second time when I got to know..."
Dominika Jelínková
"Very tasty Canadian food and great Czech beer! You'll get extraordinery potatos and multiple layers of cheese all poured down with a lot of nice..."
Vladi Barton
"Really good food with good service. +the guy running the place is..."
Kristoffer Brustad
"Wow! These fries are awesome! I had it yesterday for the first time and I had to say that it is pure quality - lot of cheese, lot of sauce,..."
Adele Steinbock
"Best Fries in Brno. Love the Poutin too but the fries are so amazing I can not get enough of them...."
Marko Coha
"Had my poutine with tender pulled pork on crispy fresh-cut fries. Delicious and hearty - perfect for the cold..."
James Busta
"Vynikajici hranolky, vyborne dipy, pivecko, servis. Pan majitel pracuje srdcem. Idealni..."
Robin Ka
"For the Brits: Unreal chips, cheese and gravy. Think of this as a culinary redefinition of your favourite drunk snack. Also brilliant lager and..."
Aidan Service
"The best fries patatas, whatever you name it, in..."
David Kuklínek
"The first & best Poutine in..."
Silvie Banzet
"Pravá a nefalšovaná Kanada v Brně. Absolutní..."
Jan Binarylight
"Prostě vynikající. Jen doufám, že bude dál..."
Ladislav Pokorný
"Kdo chce zažít Kanadu tohle musí..."
Katka Lb