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Bar cuisine: the best places to taste it in Praha

There are 747 restaurants
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Pivovar Staré Město
98/100 (270 ratings)
Restaurace s výčepem
"Absolutely great place and great service from Michael! The food was awesome and the beers delicious. I will highly recommend this place to anyone who..."
Jung Park
"Well worth seeking out. Loved the fabulous herb infused beer, the quality of the wine was similarly appreciated by my wife. We felt the need to..."
Andy Gosling
"Was recommended this place by Travis from urban adventures beer tours. Excellent micro brewery. 2 beers on draft in winter months. And a stunning..."
Billy Baxter
"Very nice, small place not full of tourists aside from main streets. With very polite and professional service also nice food with beer..."
Łukasz Kurdziel
"The atmosphere was really pleasant and the food was good quality, well presented and reasonably priced. The beer was very good and excellenty brewed;..."
Ian Ian Harris
"Off the beaten path, Cozy atmosphere and great food. In addition to the herb infused beer, we had lavender and lemongrass, go there for the beer ice..."
Audrey Davis
"Gyógyfüves sörök, finom kacsacomb, hangulatos belső kialakítás, kedves, udvarias kiszolgálás, ami Prágában bizony szokatlan. Remek hely!!..."
Okos Judit
"Cosy place with good vibes and similarly good beers. The waitress was nice and helpful, which is also a big plus as our general experience was the..."
Kovács Éva
"Great service with even better beers, we loved spending our time there. We will definitely return once..."
Dorottya Tuza
"Try the duck! Divine. Happened upon this gem quite by accident on our way back to our apartment. Best meal in..."
Jamie Lynne Germain
"V Máji 2017 v rámci koncertu DM som pozrel keďže poznám majiteľa ochutnať pivá v rámci svojej Beer polulky po Prahe aj som jedol a..."
Martin Čutka
"Very good place. You can eat delicious and drink. www . harry . hu >>..."
Lobenwein Harald
"Alles toll � Riesenportionen findet man nicht, aber dafür Topqualität an Bier und Essen und zuvorkommender netter..."
Ma Ofr